Welcome to Research Support Centre

Welcome to Research Support Centre

The organization, coordination and management of research and research related resources are critical components of academia. The College of Medicine Research Support Centre (CoM-RSC) was established in 2006 to provide administrative support for research activities and further stimulate research enterprise culture in the College of Medicine (CoM). Since its inception, the CoM-RSC has assumed a more significant and central role in coordinating and supporting research.

The major activities of the Research Support Centre are:

  • Conducting research relevant training activities
  • Supporting the conduct of clinical trials according to international standards through clinical trial monitoring and provision of data management services
  • Disseminating research opportunities to faculty members and coordinating the dissemination of research findings through different communication channels.
  • Grants administration.

The Research Support Centre made significant strides in 2010 in the provision of services in the above key result areas as well as contributing to strengthening the overall research governance of the College of Medicine. 




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